Welcome back, those who went on vacation. Hello again, those who stayed put. We’re glad to see you, just the way you are. And…we have a favor to ask.

Give our back to school session a listen and let us know how we’re doing. Email or share your two cents on discord: What’s been interesting or helpful? What’s fallen flat? What should we improve? What would you like to see more of? And if there’s any other thoughts, questions, suggestions you’d like to offer, all input is most welcome.

Better yet, if you can attend this Thursday night, we’re looking to continue the conversation and craft the coming year.

In The First Hour this week Professor Kozlowski teams up with space anarchists to (temporarily) govern a small corner of the galaxy by consolidating religious ideas, fighting off rebels, and playing amateur career guidance counselor to some unsuspecting imperial citizens – all without having any idea what the heck he is doing. So let’s talk about confusion, failure, and how much of each a player can stomach before they throw their gaming device off a overpass.

Now with all the audio included, thanks to John!

Overheard this week: Hironobu Sakaguchi in the Washington Post talking Fantasian and retirement 😮 Both Retro AM and Resonant Arc replied to my DMs?! And, on the strength of a listener suggestion I wish I could lay claim to, Ezra Klein is playing Kentucky Route Zero.

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