We’re here to support you on your video game academic journey, wherever you are along the way.

At the Video Game Academy, all our course pages and materials are freely available for anyone to use. We also offer live discussion-based classes, special topics seminars, and tutoring and academic mentoring throughout the year. For younger players, check out our Outschool classes and Signum Academy. Grownups, the Signum University SPACE program and our patreon classroom page is for you.

what is deltarune about 3
A scene from Deltarune, by Toby Fox. Remember to cite and link back to sources, please.

Note that classes and course materials are for enrichment, not academic credit at this time.

Games and topics you’d like to see covered? Suggestions for resources and teaching tools? Post comments or questions below and let us know how we’re doing.

If you’re able to support us in any way, be it with feedback, telling a friend, or funding our work, we greatly appreciate it!

Course Reviews

My son absolutely loved this. Hope there’s another in the future

There is!

Love what I have witnessed so far…would love to add to the conversation


Looks great! Is that you in a cowboy hat pushing a shopping cart with a helmeted battering-ram person in it?

Thanks, it’s a wheelbarrow!

We even got a favorable mention in the local news: Video Games in School? Spokane students learn coding and game creation this school year

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