This fall it’s all about the distortion of innocence–and its unexpected resurgence.

We’re looking at two games by Daniel Mullins, Pony Island and The Hex, and anticipating a third, Inscryption. What’s the connection between them? We don’t really know yet. But as the new game’s description helpfully says, it’s going to be even less about ponies.

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Pony Island Discussions, Selected References

Week 1 – Fix Start Menu

Week 2 – Passwords

Week 3 – Run With the Speed of a Thousand

For The Hex, we’ll cover one character/genre each week, plus an extra discussion on the endgame

The Hex on Steam

Week 1 – In a Forgotten Corner of the Video Game Universe

Week 2 – Hot Strawberry Pie

Week 3 – A Gift Kraken

  • Zelda (ears), EarthBound (treehouse) and Magic: The Gathering (Kobolds, sweaty). Livestream lingo (#freebandito) and the dilemmas facing girl gamers. The Sphinx, Oedipus, and The Hobbit’s riddles. The void, Sartre’s hell, self-harm, Charon, fishing, coins, crunch, MissingNo (again), doppelganger fights, the mimic mirror, the metaphysical status, ie. existence and essence, of game characters. Catharsis. As I Lay Dying. Bugs and features, bugs and patches. Remember Reboot?

Week 4 – Hologram Concierge

Week 5 – Artifact Heist

Week 6 – Lionel Wants This

Week 7 – Beneath the Surface

Interviews with Daniel Mullins

Chistopher Herman and Jon Romo

Tim Leftwich

Designing a Story Across 6 Genres – talk at DevGAMM


Additional Recommended Reading

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and for the intrepid, Milton, Paradise Lost (especially the first few books, with Blake’s and Lewis’ takes for good measure)

and of course, Goethe, Faust