“It’s a dense text, but a strangely relaxing game in my experience…”

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The prospectus from Prof. Ben:

The game is roughly structured into four (or five) sections, each of which constitutes a “new game” in the logic of its structure.

January-March: Game #1 (10-14 hours of play; 8-12 class sessions)

April-May: Game #2 (10-14 hours of play; 2-3 sessions)

June-August: Game #3-5 (10-14 hours of play; 8-12 sessions)

Game #1 works very much like a normal game – characters and mechanics are introduced, there are quests and side-quests, the main plot is advanced.  Happily, like Final Fantasy VI, there are some pretty logical plot events we can orient our play around, like chapters, most of which end with a boss fight.  So our first session will likely run through the “prologue” – up until we return to the spaceship; our second will introduce the main hub world; our third will take us to the desert, and so on. 

At the end of Game #1, the credits roll, and Game #2 is unlocked.  Game #2 repeats the events of Game #1, but from the perspective of one of the other characters.  So while it will likely take as long as Game #1 to play, we’ll probably only need to take two or three sessions to discuss it. 

Game #3 continues where both Game #1 and Game #2 leave off.  It advances the plot (dramatically and rapidly), and re-contextualizes a lot of what has gone before. 

Game #4 would theoretically require a replay of Game #3 (much like Game #2 to Game #1), but unlike Game #2, you can re-load a save and see Game #4’s ending in five-to-ten minutes of play.  This technically introduces Game #5 – which also takes about five-to-ten minutes to play.  So we can cover all this in an epilogue session to end our discussion.

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