In The First Hour this week, a brutal rendezvous with The Abbey of Crime, adapted from Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose

Detective Story or Roguelike?

Well worth a look, but it might come as no surprise to learn we’re better off reading the book.

Our big news: Prof Ben and Bursar Steph both have finagled themselves cool new jobs for the coming school year. Dogged persistence; knowing somebody who knows somebody; first-rate competence; a little luck–and being able to list Video Game Academy on your CV? Who knows, it couldn’t hurt!

Ben gets to teach a course on love and friendship at Ramapo College, and Steph is going to try out some of our Science of Videogames material along with coaching and tutoring kids through their online math curriculum at the new Socratic Experience. Huzzah!

Overheard this week: Darshana Jayemanne’s Arts of the Possible and Michael Lutz on Deltahead school us in what full-fledged literary games scholarship sounds like. Hear, hear!

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