Here’s a suggested ten-week study guide for the game, including our recorded analysis and recommended readings. Each discussion corresponds to roughly an hour in-game.

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Final Fantasy VI, Ep VII: Finale and Final Thoughts

Week 1 – Magic and Tech

1 – Opening to Figaro Castle escape

2 – Figaro Cave to Returners Hideout

Week 2 – Allies

3 – Sabin’s Quest to the Veldt, via Phantom Train

4 – Locke and Terra’s Quests to Kefka Battle

Week 3 – Love Letters

5 – To Kohlingen and Zozo

6 – The Opera

Week 4 – Politics and Myth

7 – Vector and Magitek Research Facility

  • If there’s a topic so far that’s caught your interest, this week would be a good time to do some writing!

8 – World of the Espers and Airship Exploration

  • Even if, as seems likely, Maduin is not a reference to Mael Duin, the connections raised there are still worth a look

Week 5 – The Silence of the Espers

9 – Cave to the Sealed Gate

10 – Sailing to Thamasa and the burning house

Another week for writing and revising papers…

Week 6 – The Fall and the Leap

11 – Statue Cave to General Leo’s Death

12 – Floating Continent to Celes in the World of Ruin

  • Hereafter, most of the allusions we’re discussing tend to be internal to the game and the series. Comparisons of Leo to Galuf and Aeris, for instance, or looking at Cid across the main titles would be excellent topics…

Week 7 – The Light of Judgment

13 – Sabin’s Reappearance to Figaro Castle Engine Room

14 – Setzer in Daryl’s Tomb and the Falcon

  • As the game opens up at this point, so we suggest opening up the class to more student-directed approaches, such as presentations of research, and to a breadth theoretical lenses (for instance, how feminist or transhumanist reads of FFVI might look, particularly think about how it sets up its successor…)

Week 8 – Searching for Friends

15 – Cyan on Mt Zozo to Umaro in Narshe

16 – Gogo in the Zone Eater to Dirt Dragon in the Opera

Week 9 – Fantasy and Art

17 – Cyan’s Dream

18 – Gau’s Makeover, Relm’s Painting, Phoenix Cave

Week 10 – And You

19 – Ancient Castle and Cultists’ Tower

20 – Kefka’s Tower, Final Battle, End Credits

  • Sorry about confusing millennia and centuries here since the War of the Magi…

Many thanks for listening, and if you are teaching or writing about FFVI in any form, we’d love to hear from you! The chance to talk FFVI with our friends and listeners is always a Gem Box, a Genji Glove of a treasure, as in this conversation with Alex Schmid on comparisons with FFVII.

Final Fantasy VI Part #46 - Final Chapter: Let us give thanks

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