Staff Credits

Benjamin Kozlowski – Professor

Wesley Schantz – Copywriter

Sarah Kozlowski – Registrar

Stephanie Schantz – Bursar

James Myers – Latin Consultant


Steven Abel, Esq. – 3rdStrongest streamer

Quorey Bell

Scholars Ludens




…with intellectual humility and a love for good thinking, creativity, and the virtues recorded through all our history and culture… I’ll keep doing my little bit—teaching what students will listen, reaching out to those who will hear…

Professor Ben, excerpted from Facing the Fear
Competing in the WAC wheelbarrow joust, c. 2008, Chestertown, MD

Don Kozlowski and Schantz-o Panza

Or, an adjunct professor and a substitute teacher. Ben crisscrosses northern New Jersey teaching philosophy, mythology, and English. Wes teaches, mostly Spanish, in Spokane, WA public schools. We met at Washington College, lured there by the magnolia trees and the Lit House with its Sophie Kerr prize. We are both writers from way back, deeply influenced by games as well as texts. After graduating, we made a road trip to the redwoods, and have been in contact ever since, RAging at the odd upstate summer camp, Escaping the Room and navigating Then She Fell in Manhattan, and now journeying through the gaming canon here at our humble Academy.

Fool Disclosure

An irresistible pun, a fitting encomium

Our affiliate courses include the stylings of Alexander Schmid, a fellow teacher and student of literature based in Southern CA. An expert commentator on religious and archetypal symbolism in popular culture, he lectures on how personality and poetry, neuroscience and narrative structure consciousness. Wes and Alex’s discussions go back to our time together at the St John’s Graduate Institute in Annapolis. Along with alumna Sarah Miller, we recently flitted through the whole of Harry Potter, to go with our discussions of American poetry, Studio Ghibli films, and Final Fantasy VII.

Ben and Wes have also collaborated off and on with another friend and mentor from Washington College: Corey Olsen, aka the Tolkien Professor. At his online Signum University, Ben handled admissions for a stint, and Wes audited courses in Old English and Old Norse, among others, while setting up the Writers Forge and developing programs for readers of all ages at Signum Academy. If contributing to the future of education warms the cockles of your heart, fool-ow this link to donate to Signum today.

If it’s more strictly video game discussion you crave, with the occasional metaphysical flourish, consider joining the party at The Well-Red Mage. Moses Norton, founder and titular author, has graciously offered to host our writing and podcasts within that enclave of creativity and kindness. Leave a review, tell a friend, become a patron.

More the Marry-er

As we assemble our own patreon audience participation widgit, the Academy is growing. Our long-suffering partners, Sarah and Steph, have agreed to help us get organized. Steph will handle the finances as Bursar, and Sarah will wield ultimate power over scheduling and records as Registrar. Huzzah!

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