Welcome to our humble Video Game Academy, a guide to the best scholarly work in games. 

We are a team of amateur and professional academics, connoisseurs of literature and media with a wish to bridge the worlds of popular culture and intellectual discourse through sharing our love of video games. 

Join us for in-depth reads of classic games, meta-reviews, and unexpected perspectives–drawing on the humanities and history, science and the social sciences, and the insights of working developers and fan communities alike–releasing on a weekly basis. 

From this past week, our first with the site going live:

  • In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, and his vision of a more equal world, here’s a look at the work of “The Gamer Godfather You’ve Never Heard Of,” Jerry Lawson, produced by The Nod. 
  • And to pay our respects to Christopher Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien and literary steward of Middle-earth, here’s our nod to Corey Olson’s “Exploring The Lord of the Rings,” onsite as it were. 
  • Check out our various courses, archived and in progress, on EarthBound, FFVI, Little Inferno, etc.
  • Poke around the academic resources amassed so far and get a sense of the shape of this project. We’re very glad you’re here, and we hope to hear from you!

Have a prosperous 2020!

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