Back to school–with classic and contemporary video game adventures.

At long last, we’re getting around to launching the Video Game Academy discussion page on patreon. Welcome, or welcome back!

Our current semester features deep dives into Pony Island and The Hex. Digging into these two with you will be just the latest part of our project bridging popular culture and academic discourse about video games.

Wot I Think: Pony Island – The Smartest Game Of 2016 | Rock Paper Shotgun

For about a year now, we’ve brooded over it in blog form here. All these posts and teaching materials remain freely available to use and share as you see fit. We suggest reading them 🙂

Along with incubating the blog, we’ve been at work on our flagship long-form podcast content, available most anywhere you get your podcasts. The initial productions, including three episodes on Little Inferno and twenty on Final Fantasy VI, provide something for the nostalgic and indie gamer alike.

Meanwhile, Ben has been teaching philosophy and mythology in higher ed and Wes has been tailoring video game courses to younger players. You can see more of that work here and here.

On the patreon page, you’ll be able to keep up with what we’re playing and contribute to the discussion, if you so desire. Just make a contribution to gain access to the live sessions, bonus special topics seminars, and personalized tutorials. Thanks for helping us continue to make academic discourse about video games.

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