The end of the school year. Remember how much that used to mean? Long days with no demands, the good times rolling like a Katamari, freedom stretching ahead to the horizon.

It means nothing to us now–except for those of us still in some way involved in school. Which of course we are, this being Video Game Academy!

School’s out here in Spokane, and that means it’s time for another semester of lively discussion with the professors and academicians on the discord. Our game this summer, highly recommended by the kids and elders alike, is Psychonauts.

Touching on themes of mental health and generational strife, the game promises to be that perfect combination of light reading and fun gameplay which rewards deep analysis. You can pick up a copy on the digital cheap for the next few days from gog. Our own 3rd Strongest will be streaming Monday nights at 9 Eastern.

In other news, there’s a group of us reading Demons, aka The Possessed, by Dostoevsky. Prof Ben has lots of new material coming out and coming up, including lectures on Gilgamesh and the Iliad. Essays on Itoi and MOTHER/EarthBound/MOTHER 3 are forthcoming (maybe even in print!), along with more discussions on the beloved series. I’ve got myself into mini coding camp my school district is paying for, and Signum U’s annual Mythmoot conference is starting any day.

What’s new with you? Let us know, and share it with anyone else who might like to know, over on the discords.

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