September is on its way out already, and life has run on with its zigs and zags for us here at the Video Game Academy. Here are a few of the games the good professor has made time for lately.

Professor Kozlowski returns to form with another weird little indie game – this time a “relaxing”, relentlessly German minimalistic city-builder called Dorfromantik. But all is not pastoral villiage-building bliss in this Carcasonne-esque game of fields, forests, and hamlets.

Back to new releases for Professor Kozlowski with Aragami 2 – a ninja stealth power fantasy of shadow-leaping to rooftops, striking unsuspecting guards from above, hoovering up all the gold, and contemplating the various categories of stealth games.

Also check out GMTK’s School of Stealth and other videos for much more cogent discussion of Stealth games and their gameplay.

And see Professor Kozlowski’s other projects at:

For the second time running–or even third, if you count NieR: Automata–this washed-up copywriter has been struggling to get a handle on our current semester’s game. That’s Planescape: Torment, which we switched to midstream because Deus: Ex far outclassed my computer-gaming abilities. If you’re like me and have all but lost hope of making it out of the Hive, the embedded query here might be of use.

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