In this epic and unpredictable journey, Professor Kozlowski guides a simple frog from his bug-eating, fraction-tallying existence on a humble lilypad, to becoming the president of Bug-Mars, to deep existential reflection on the fleeting nature of existence as it is perceived through Internet culture.

Content Warning: Some discussion of the sale and dissemination of bug porn (no images), and some horror iconography to drive home the mortality of all flesh.

In which we catch a glimpse of Ben’s arm around 46:45 😀

Overheard this week:

The Codex: History of Video Games podcast features an interview with Steven L Kent, whose Ultimate History of Video Games, vol. 2, was just released.

Our own Third Strongest Steven put us onto the Lady Decade bandwagon. An up-and-coming retro games student and popularizer, she might just be the Kent to our Codex.

Free Guy, a movie based on the conceit of a self-aware NPC, is the biggest blockbuster around?

In local news, a new Myst re-release supports VR. The developers at Cyan Worlds, just outside Spokane, unironically call it a ‘game changer’.

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