Just to announce, belatedly, that we’re going to be talking about Deus Ex during the regular time, Thursdays at 7PM Pacific, but also that we’ll be making some moves to accommodate more of our Stardew-loving friends. Likely sometime around 1PM Pacific, likely on the occasional weekend, we’ll go tra-la-la-la down there in the Valley. But we’re still getting that together. Check back here for more details!

Just play through the Statue of Liberty bit for our first discussion, he says.

Additionally, the time has come to bid Dostoevsky a fond farewell for now. Spring is past, and our summer read is here: Mary Ann Buckles’ historic 1985 dissertation, Interactive Fiction: The Computer Storygame ‘Adventure.’ Not only does this one flow nicely with our ongoing look at visual novels, but the relative heavyweights over at Games Studies Study Buddies are going to be featuring it on their next episode. It seemed like a good time to jump on the bandwagon.

Speaking of which, I’ll try to do a better job of keeping tabs on similar projects people might like to take part in around the discord. Retro AM and the JRPG book club are both starting FFVIII, Resonant Arc recently featured the same and are just wrapping up NieR: Replicant, and Moses at The Pixels is reviving his Mage Cast and looking for more guests to talk on all sorts of games. Check the links in the Resources page for more, and do send along your suggestions.

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