Welcome back!

With our first goal for audience participation met and exceeded, we’ve gone ahead with a few upgrades to this site. Please cast a weather eye over the posts and pages and let us know if you spot any errors that have crept in with the new design. One thing you shouldn’t run across anymore are those bothersome ads. Thanks for putting up with their ilk thus far, and good riddance to them, along with the rest of a bad year!

This week we invite you to reflect with us on 2020 in terms of the video games that helped get us through it. From Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Cyberpunk 2077, we survey the year in games and consider some of the larger trends in the industry. How do open-world experiences like Breath of the Wild (a few years old already, but it’s new to me!) compare with the self-contained qualities of classic games and the innovations of indie studios? Where do we see ourselves heading next as a gaming community or a culture, and what resolutions do we have personally?

Enjoy this first half of our double-feature discussion from New Year’s Eve (and into the new year), The Video Game Academy Year in Review. The second half will be released next week, investigating the genre of visual novels.

More previews and plans for the coming year will be announced shortly, as we continue to expand our inventory here at the Academy. Thanks again for taking part in the adventure!

Speedrunner 100% Completes The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild In 24  Hours | NintendoSoup

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