2021: The Year Project Moon Took Over My Life

PART ONE: Finally Beating Lobotomy Corporation

CW: Horror, gore, addiction, stress, depression, capitol riots, death – basically everything. And also MAJOR spoilers for Lobotomy Corporation

On some strange level, I feel like Library of Ruina is the last game I will ever play.

I don’t even know what I mean by this.  I’ve played games since, obviously.  But I still feel this way.  As though the summer of 2021 was this hinge between two unrelated parts of my life that otherwise have very little traffic between them.  As though my entire relationship to playing video games has been irrevocably modified.  As though I have seen the heights of what video games can achieve and expect only disappointment from the entire industry in the years to come.

It’s only a feeling, though, mind you.

But let’s back up.

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Facing the Fear; Building the Future: Lobotomy Corporation and Processing Horror

Content Warning: Horror scenes/art, violence, depression/despair, cosmic horror, Nietzsche as interpreted by teenage boys, political stupidity (esp. capitol riots)

A Tribute to Games I Can’t Play

            In January of 2016, I was living with my wife in our Pennsylvania apartment.  I was in my third year of classes at Baptist Bible Seminary, but I’d hit a roadblock.  I had borrowed as much as the government was willing to lend me, and I was no longer able to afford to take classes full time.  In the fall I’d dropped from a full load of four-to-five classes per semester, to only one.  I had started substitute teaching at a local private school to help make ends meet.

            Then, one day my wife came home from work early and announced that she had just been laid off.  The college where she had worked for five or six years had mismanaged its finances and was facing major changes going forward, starting by laying off dozens of staff members, including her.

            I turned off the game I was playing, and haven’t ever turned it on again.

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